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Our business is worldwide in both scope and purpose. As an investment banking and international project management group, we attempt to develop and build one-to-one relationships between our clients and funding sources and between our clients and project management solutions. Because of the very nature of our work, our team often gets involved in mergers, acquisitions and business consulting. The motto of the company is that "we help build tomorrow, today".
Directed network of experienced international professionals
Directed means that each project team and each solution for a client is tailored to that client, on a specific and individual basis
The issue of capital is always critical, however, the parameters of the cost of capital, as well as its sourcing, are part of the essential elements of making a transaction successful.
Our responsibility is not to come with any solution, but to come to the solution.
Because of the experience, diversity and international character of OBED, we can work to create alliance and network opportunities globally for those with whom we work.
Our Track Record:-
Over the last two years, we have worked on projects whose value exceeds $ 400 million USD.
For 2006, we are on track to handle transactions in excess of that amount.
One our most important relationships is with the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC). Formed in 1985 and now in 103 nations across the globe, the ICCC serves us for not only networking, but serves us as a foundational base for who we are and what we hold as our enduring values.